Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome

"It's not like they come here to be labeled, or to believe the label. We're all here, kids, teachers, parents, whoever, it's all about us working together"
   I really enjoyed reading this article. In the article, “Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome” Christopher Kliewer claims that each individual child with down syndrome is different.  Yet they put all the children that have down syndrome together in one special classroom. They all have different learning and thought process. Kliewer says that children with disabilities should be incorporated into the regular classroom. The article really got into detail about incorporating disabled children into a regular classroom. This enables the children with the disability to be viewed as normal. It give the regular children the chance to look at the children with disabilities as one of them and not a special education child. I really think it is a great idea.  
   I remember when I was in high school, I had a friend who was disabled but he didn’t have down syndrome though. Anyways, he told people that before he came to Classical, it was either be separated from the regulars or with the regulars. He chose being with the regulars. Everything turned out fine for him and everybody welcomed him with open arms. I think Kliewer ideas it is already starting to be put in action already. Integrating a special needs child into a regular classroom can be a challenge, and may not work for some children though I feel everybody should deserve a shot.
Should Kliewr idea be put into action or no?
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  1. It seems like a lot of mind over matter here. If your friend had accepted his condition in a sense that he created limits to his social life he wouldn’t be where he is today. Because he helped make things normal and smooth everything else followed as such.

    Also glad your New Years was fun :-)